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BHF Pr. No. 0197025



Professional Registrations:

• Member of South African Physiotherapy Society
• Member of HPCSA
• Member of SASMA
• Member of OMPTG



  • BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy 1993-1996 (WITS)

  • Completed 1st year BA Human Movement Science, 1992 (UPE)


Post Graduate Course List:

• McConell Institute - McConnell Patellofemoral Joint
– 23 & 24 Nov. 96 -Bloemfontein
• Clinical Solutions – Shoulder Holistic Approach – 31
May/1 June 97 -Johannesburg
• The South African Society of Physiotherapy – Dry
Needling Course – 10 & 11 Oct. 98 - Pretoria
• The South African Society of Physiotherapy –
Advanced Dry Needling Course – 19 Feb. 99 –
• Osteopathic Techniques for Physiotherapists I – one
day training course in Osteopathic Techniques – 11
July 99 – Amersham, Bucks, UK
• The National Sports Medicine Institute of the United
Kingdom – General Sports Medicine Course –
19-24 Sept. 99 – Lilleshall Hall National Sports
Centre, UK
• Osteopathic Techniques for Physiotherapists II –
one day training course in Osteopathic Techniques -
14 Nov. 99 – Amersham, Bucks, UK
• Manual Therapy Seminars in the UK – MET to
Thoracic Spine and Ribs- 20-21 Nov. 99
• Manual Therapy Seminars of the UK – Myofascial
Manipulation – 11-12 March 2000
• PhysioFirst- one day Seminar on Nags and Snags –
18 Sept. 2000 – UK
• English Golf Union – Seminar for Physiotherapists
working with golfers-The National Golf Centre
• Footzone- Podiatry course
• Certificate of Achievement – Golf Fitness & Injury
Prevention Levels 1 & 2 on 2 & 3 June 2001 –
International Golf Fitness Systems (Australia),
• Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Course – 28-29
June 2002, City Hospital, Nottingham
• Paul Chek, Swiss Ball training- 17 March 2002
• The Integration of myofascial & viscerofascial
release into the management of movement
dysfunction- Nottingham National Water
• The National Sports Medicine Institute of the United
Kingdom-Lower Limb Rehabilitation for Sports –
Nottingham University- 31 May 2003
• Medico-Legal report Writing- 10 Oct. 2003 – OCPPP

The Combined Approach to the Sacroiliac Joint- 7-8
Dec. 2003- Nottingham

•The Combined Approach to the Sacroiliac Joint- 7-8 Dec. 2003-
•Nags and Snags- 18 Sept. 2004 – Worksop, UK
•Swingbusters for Golfers-Mark Comerford- 28-29 May 2005-London
•Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy -Sept.2005-Kim Robinson/Toby Hall-

Adjunct Senior Teaching Fellows (Curtin University –Western Australia), Nottingham

Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy – Nottingham, UK, 2005

Level 2 Stecco accredited Myofascial therapist

•Jones Institute – Strain Counter strain for the Lower Spine- Randall S.
Kusunose- 24-25 Feb 2006- Nottingham
•‘Going Global’ A focus on structural assessment, muscle balance and
dynamic stability of the upper quarter- Tanya Bell-Jenje, March 2006,
•International Golf Fitness Systems- Get fit for Golf- Ramsay
McMaster-24 June 2006- London
•‘Classification of low back pain disorders – why this is essential for
management- 5 July 2006, ’- Nottingham
•Manual Therapy Courses, Combined Movements- 23 Sept.2006-
Norfolk/Norwich University Hospital, UK
•NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) course- 11 November 2006-
•Discovery Health back care program January 2007 – Port Elizabeth
•The amazing connective tissue system. Willie Fourie 2008 –Port
•Lower Limb rehabilitation principles. Port Elizabeth 16/08/08
•Crash Course in Medical Law and Ethics – Johann Roux. East London,
•Myofascial Trigger Points – Historical Perspective and Pathogenesis,
Clinical Solutions, 2010
•Myofascial Trigger Points – Muscle-Nerve Physiology and Contraction
•XLR8 Bronze Course, Clinical Solutions, 2010
•Boksmart concussion program
•Business Strategy for Private Practice
•Lyno Sport Studios, Lyno Method, Unit 1. Port Elizabeth, 2010
•Lyno Sport studios, Unit 2, 2010
•SASP road Show PE 2011
•Kinetic Control 2012
•Upper limb adverse neural tension course PE 2012 , Michael Shacklock
•Spinal manipulation course, CPT 2012 Adrian Louw

-KT1 & KT2 – Yolande de Jager 2012
-The Fascial Manipulation Certification Course, 6-11August 2013
-2013 Level 1 Stecco Myofascial Manipulation course –CPT
-2014 Level 2 Stecco Myofascial Manipulation course – JHB

  • Vertebral and Peripheral manipulation course - David Lintonbon - 2016

  • Ankle Course - Heleen Simpson - 2017

  • IASTM course level 1 (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) - 2017

-Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy: Multidisciplinary applications  

 and scientific review 2018

-Medical Rugby Congress 2018

-Advanced Intermediate Care in Rugby- Level 3 - World Rugby

Mark also does a monthly editorial for the popular SportElizabeth newspaper

Sarah graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2010 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons). She completed her Community Service year at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital in 2011 and thereafter worked at Frere Hospital between 2012 and Ferbruary 2015. Sarah also taught Pilates at the Dynamic Body Studio in East London from 2013 until February 2015.

In 2019 Sarah completed the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy course. Orthopaedic Manual Therapy/Neuromusculoskeletal therapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy for the management of spinal and peripheral joint disorders. Based on clinical reasoning and the latest available evidence, specific treatment approaches including manual techniques and therapeutic exercises are used. In Orthopaedic Manual Therapy the biopsychosocial framework of each patient is taken into account during the treatment process. The aims of orthopaedic manual therapy are to reduce pain, support the inflammatory process, improve musculoskeletal dysfunctions, rehabilitate normal movement patterns and improve functional levels, thereby returning individuals to their life roles and preventing the recurrence of symptoms.


Sarah's main interests are orthopaedic, sport and neurological conditions. She has continued her post-graduate training through a number of courses, including:

  • Module 1 and 2 of Dry Needling

  • Module 1 and 2 of Kinesiotaping

  • Basi Pilates Mat Teacher Training

  • Level 1 Stecco Course - 2016

  • Integrative Fascial Release course - Autonomic manipulation. - Steven Goldstein - 2016

  • Integrative Fascial Release course - Fascial Articulation - Steven Goldstein - 2016

Sarah has been with us since 2015. Sarah also runs a pilates program

About Berno //


Berno graduated from Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in 2018 and completed his Community service year in Sedibeng district in 2019.


Berno's main interest are sport and orthopaedic conditions. His sport interest consists of surf, crossfit, rugby and waterpolo.

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